Sandlot Base-no-ball

The kids forgot to bring the ball -- and the catnip -- to the lot today, so we're gonna have to wing it. I know these kids pretty well, and I think I can figure out what would have happened if they had the ball. They won't know any better.

So put on your caps, grab your bats, and let's PLAY BALL!

Basic Idea

Sandlot Base-no-ball isn't about playing a game, but pretending you're playing. Make choices about what to do, and the umpire rolls the die and decides what happened. Just imaginary bats and balls instead of goblins and wizards, and an imaginary cat instead of a cruel and merciless DM.


Each player on a team is assigned a series of stats.

Setting Things Up

A couple of demonstration teams are given, with all player stats set to five. You work from there to create your own, or work from a randomized team. I suspect the sweet spot for total points spread amongst a team is around 250.

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